Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Scrapbook Page

Hi all!!! Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, but I had to study we are covering CPR now... I can't believe how much they cover in such little time... So that means when I am not in class I have to study at home so, I can be ahead of the game... Class is going well for does that know and read my blog... thank you to all that visit.
So back to what I was talking about ... I was telling you about class and how it's going I should tell you one thing that I didn't know that EMT's work 12 hour shifts.... I guess I was the only one on earth that didn't know...After I found out from my instructor how the shifts work out... I was in shock... and when I came home and told my family and friends they said, "everyone knows that"... and they just all laugh at me :( .... Well enough about class... I actually have a workshop tomorrow Woo Hoo!!! I haven't done one in a while ... But the hostess doesn't want to do cards ... I almost started crying when she said that... She just wants simple scrapbook pages... Then I said to my self I am in trouble, because I really don't scrapbook... I just started to do it so I am not to good at it... Well she wanted a baby boy and baby girl, pages ... This is the baby girl of course the little girl in picture is my daughter when she was only 17 months old... She used to chew everything this is a wooden slide she had in her room in NY... and I caught her looking at the handle then chewing and then she found out that I caught her chewing away and she yelled with the innocent look ... I just love the progression of the pictures I took ... Well one thing I have to say about doing a scrapbooking workshop, I get to scrapbook some of the pictures that I have put away in a box... Tomorrow I will post the scrapbook page I made for my oldest when he was about 9 months old he was a cutie.. and my first... Well see you all tomorrow... Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what I used to make my scrapbook page... Here is the Recipe
I used pretty in pink, certainly celery, and barely banana, SU CS then for the stamp set I used Pick a Petal.... and some more bling on the flowers... Enjoy ... and Thank you for stopping by...

Stampin Rocks Ileana

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Melinda said...

You did a great job...... She was so adorable when she was little... Now she has turned into a Beautiful girl. Good luck with your party!!!!!!