Sunday, March 30, 2008

Altered Lunch Box

Hey! Everyone I know I haven't post all weekend but I have been busy... I had knew my husbands boss wife is having a baby and of course I told my husband that I would make something for them.... Well time passed never got to it and she had her baby on Friday evening....
had a 8lb baby boy.... Wow! ....
Well I already had an idea and I just had to pull out the stuff and start working on it... For a long time I wanted to make a Lunch box scrapbook and I finally made one it took me the whole weekend hence I had to stop and take care of the family in between... they just can't seem to live with out me...
I finally finished it... I really don't do much scrapbooking or decorating boxes but I think I did a pretty good job decorating this lunch box...

This is the outside.... I had went to ACmoore and brought the paper I thought it was just the paper I needed because I know my Husband is going to give it to his boss... And I thought it would probably nice for his boss to keep it on his desk at work with pictures of his sons growth...

I started out using the stampin set from SU, Babies First I took each stamp and made an index card with a slot holder for a picture of each first....
First Nap at home
First tooth
First baby food
First time crawling
First tantrum
First bath
First steps
First Words

Then I made white envelopes that have two 4x4 cards with the 1 month - 12 months .... the cards are for pics of the baby's growth each month ....
I know I could have done more with it but I waited till the last minute, and I wanted him to bring it to him tomorrow... I hope they like it...
This is the inside with everything in it ... it has enough room to grow with the baby...

Stampin Rocks

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Buzzin' Around

Guess what, I am on a stampin marathon... I can't believe that my kids are only bothering me today for food and snacks .... Wooo Hooo.... So I have been stampin all day.... Here is my last card with Farm Fever... This bee is the cutest thing ever... Well my out come with this set to me was good... See what you can do with a set that you have brought and never used... you have to use every stamp in the set... I hope you try the challenge... thank you..
Card Recipe, SU CS: YoYo Yellow, Real Red, Gable Green... I used the 1 1/4 square punch to make the rectangle on the front of card as a window to show the Buzzin' Around... and I used three different circle punch to make the circles... again i used my crayon colored pencils to color the bee yellow...

Stampin Rocks

Are ewe doing okay?

This is my third card with Farm Fever this Set contains four stamps... So that means I have one more to go.... I have had a hard time trying to come up with some ideas with this set don't know why???... But I like what I have so far... The Recipe for this card is SU CS, Basic grey, pretty in pink and black, and again I used my crayon colored pencils to color in the sheep... which again I love them... I can't believe I was able to post twice so for today... My kids are off school for Spring break this week... We did some spring cleaning the first few days and today we just straighten up the usual everyday mess... as everyone knows that has kids .... they were complaining the whole time, but I also remind them that I do this everyday while they are in school ...They just love that...
Back to stampin, I will post the last one later this evening or maybe tomorrow lets see what happens... Keep stampin

Stampin Rocks

My Farm Fever Challenge

Well, I got to post early this morning I used Farm Fever again... I used this set once before and yesterday so today I decided to try something else with it ... My own challenge, is to make a card with each stamp that is in the set so look for more later ... You should try it as well take a set that you have brought and never use because you might have thought it was something that you can come home and play with... But never found anything to do with it... If you do try my Challenge send me a link with your cards that you made...leave your link in my comments under this card... but remember you have to use the whole set together in one card or separate cards....Try my Challenge
I used Basic grey and Real Red SU CS, I colored the Pig with my crayon colored pencils that i love to use they are so soft... And for the embossing I used the spots and dots folder from cuttlebug... and white ribbon..
Farm Fever

Stampin Rocks

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well It finally happened my teethless child... there is a funny story behind his losing his upper front tooth today... My husband and I are seating in our room talking, then we hear Mr. BG coming up, but crying... So I say "What Now!"... Well he comes in the room with his mouth semi bloody and trying to say that his older brother knocked his tooth looser.... So now I am looking at his mouth and his tooth is bleeding and dangling by a couple of roots... Well you know how men are so strong... I said "Hun Look at his tooth" his respond is "I saw it already" (Yeah right) ....
Well Mr. BG my child while his tooth is dangling and bleeding is telling me what happen and I am laughing (bad mommy) because he is trying to talk and every time he talks his tooth is moving... So I told my husband we are going to have to pull his tooth out is dangling to much and he might swallow it... daddy says "it's okay, he well be fine" not even looking at his bloody child mouth... so I had to take charge of the situation... I took my child and I told him that tooth had to come out... and he asked how ...And I simply told him, tying a string around the tooth and pulling it out... he was all for it he said he was not going to stay like that.... so I am looking for a string and I guess I was taking to long so he grabbed the dental floss ... Okay my son has a brain ... well I tied the floss on his tooth... then it came to the moment of pulling and I couldn't do it... told daddy to do it... Daddy is not looking our way... then I hear a soft noise hit the floor and my baby boy took a hold of his string and pulled his own tooth out... and then he said "I did already"... And I am just looking at him in amazement ...So we went into the bathroom rinsed his mouth, rinsed his tooth, to get it ready for the tooth fairy ... and that is the End of the teethless child story... WOW! Thank You .... for reading my family moment....

My Baby's Teethless Smile

Don't they look cute like that ? ....

Farm Fever

Well this is my second card I got to make today ... I was just trying to get some cards out that need to be sent to some friends... I made this one for a friend that her son just had Hip surgery...
About 3yrs ago, he got a staff infection in his back and the infection was so bad that it spread to his Hip bone... He had to have surgery 3yrs ago for it because the infection had weekended the Hip.... Well as the years past he has been having Hip problems and had surgery again... The surgery he just had will hopefully help him from having a Hip replacement at 17yrs old... The doctors told his mom that what they did this time might prevent him from not having a Hip replacement for the next 5yrs... I know my friend is under a lot of stress not only is she dealing with her sons well being... she works nights as a nurse and is going to school to finish her RN... and has to younger children that she tends too... But I know she also has a great support system with her DH and kids... I have her in my thoughts always... and because I know she has to be utterly exhausted ... I used the cow in Farm Fever... again used Pretty in Pink for the card and black CS with a black velvet ribbon...I colored the cow with crayon colored pencils which I love to use...

Stampin Rocks


Hope you're Buzzin' around soon....

I just Love this set Happy Heart Day.
The butterfly is so dainty and it looks
good when you pop it out...

I made it simple and easy i just used
for the card Pretty in Pink.
For the mat I used Chocolate Chip..
The saying Hope you're Buzzin' around
soon... It is from Farm Fever this set is
also from Stampin' Up but it is Retired..
I still love this set it so cute...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Mailer #4

Well, It is getting close to the end of March... And I have one more MM I just love making my cards and sending them out... I hope Nancy likes this one... Okay about the card
Card Recipe
Stamp Sets SU: Office Accoutrement, Party Punch
SU CS: Choco chip, Wild Wasabi, Barely Banana
I stamped the white card stock with the big blossom flower in the office accoutrement and also cut two out... then I used the party punch for the sentiment...
Stampin Rocks

Eatser Sunday

Yesterday we went to the park it was a gorgeous day the weather was just beautiful... Well these are some of the pictures that I took while we were there... So that means I have to do a scrapbook page... this week....
Okay you got to see my daughter last week... this is a picture of my baby, my youngest son... Brett is 6yrs old and he is my baby and he knows it too... And he doesn't care that I still cradle him every once in while and call him my little baby boy... But I have a secret he is getting to heavy, to even sit on my lap... I have a problem with that... Were has time gone... to fast for me...
It is so funny he had one tooth loose, that fell out and then 4 more followed so all his front is either gone or loose...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Notebook with Pen Tutorial

Well I have never posted a tutorial... So bare with me... I have to note that all the note pads that you get are not going to be the same size that I am using so you have to alter your recipe to the size you need.... But I still hope that my tutorial gives you an idea on what to do...
I needed
Supplies Needed
-card stock (color or ur choice)
-Accents & Element (ur choice)
-ribbon (ur choice)
-hobby knife
-sticky strip
-note pad (depending on size you will have to alter ur pattern)
Step 1
Cut ur card stock: 51/2"x 8"
Step 2
starting scoring @ the width end @
1/4", 3/4", 1 1/8" and 1 1/2"
Step 3

You will now cut slits for the pen.
Cut across the scored lines at the 3rd and 4th scored lines
Cut about 1 1/2" thick this is the part that folds out for the
pen holder.
Fold all scored lines

Step 4
use your sticky strip to tape every other scored sides.
Not were the pen goes that stays pop out.
then start folding to make ur side holder area for pen.

Step 5
stick your pad with sticky strip on the back..
Before I stuck mines down to the pad holder I decorated the top
of my pad that is option you have, Make it ur own if you want or
try mines I hope that my tutorial was understandable to you...
Please leave me a comment and give me your opinion, if this was
helpful to you...I would really like to know, for the future.


Notebook with Pen

I was sitting here in my room and I was thinking about the notepad with pen, about a month ago I went to the Dollar Tree store.. and I was just looking around in the stationary section and I came across these notepads there were 8 lists pads 3in x 7.5in in size...
When I finally took them out to use I saw that they were thinner then the ones you get from office depot... When I tired to make the notepad with pen it didn't look correct because the pads were to thinner, what can except I am getting 8 pads for a dollar... So I came up with a different idea.... I didn't make it with the cover... My idea looks like a clip board and I also put a magnet on the back to hang on the fridge for a reminder list.... I well post a tutorial later this evening ... Well I try to make a tutorial i never have done one before so this one if I get it will be my first...Hope everyone likes it...

Stampin Rocks

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy B-day

Hey everyone... I had to come home today to make a last minute B-day card for my daughters friend... I thought I was going to have until 3/27 but my daughter got the days mixed up and the little girls B-day is today..... Well as you know she told me yesterday or lets say last night...
Then as you know the gift factor comes in so I had to run out and get the gift first then come home and make a card... And I also have to go to the school for a very fast meeting for my daughter... So I cheated, I didn't use stamps at all... I made a stop to Michael's and got cuttlebug Happy Birthday embossing folder... Oh! yeah! they have there cuttlebug merchandise on sale 20% off... And I came home and tried it out I loved it.... It is amazing the things they come out with.... just more stuff for use to buy... I use white card stock and SU CS: Pixxie Pink the scraps that I had left from, last nights Pillow boxes... And this is the card I came up with...


Teachers Easter Gifts

I just finished making these treats for the teachers at my son and daughters school ... I made 9 treat boxes I give up for tonight I have to turn in for the night, I need my beauty sleep. I didn't do it earlier because I was just not feeling it today, if you know what I mean, I Hope some one out there understands what that means. I spent my day laying on the couch, finally I scrapped myself off and tended my family and eased myself into my stampin room...I originally wanted to make treat baskets but to much work and i definitely did not have enough energy today... Oh well, maybe next time....Enough of my gripping... I filled each Pillow box with Dove choco eggs, I fit as many as I could fit in the box, 4 fit in there perfect.... What did I use?
Treat Box Recipe:
To make the boxes I used the Pillow box Die
from Sizzix
CS SU: Pixie Pink, Certainly Celery
SU stamp pads: Pixie Pink, Yoyo Yellow
SU Stamp set: Retired Spring Fling
Stampin Rocks

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monday Mailers

Well these are my Monday Mailer's from Sandra they are Fab. cards... I will be sad for the end the month, my last card is next week... But i enjoyed Sandra's cards ... Thank you again Sandra... Let me explain what is a Monday mailer... I belong to a group call NC Demos (yahoo groups) and we send emails to each other with creations we have made and share it with each other... and other stampin related issues... I love reading other peoples thoughts and ideas and i also love seeing the cards and others creations that everyone comes up with everyday.... They are a great group of people.... Thank you to all
Stampin Rocks

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations are just

ideas that I am giving to my youngest son ... teacher to give her an idea... she is making the bridal and wedding invitations for a friend that is getting married... She was having Little trouble coming up with something... And she borrowed two stamp set of mine that she wanted to use... She wants to use pretty in pink and Choco chip SU CS... I hope she likes it...


Finally My Scrapbook Page

I can't believe I did the scrapbook page that I said I was going to do last week... My daughter loves to pose for the camera... She came home from school and we just went outside to the swing set and took a couple of Pics... I was really happy with the picutres that i took ... To make this page. I had an Retired DD set from SU: Friends and Flowers I think it was a Hotess Simply Scarppin... And Night Navy, Certainly Celery CS... I used the stickers from the DD set to Decorate my page and for the Hang Out pharse I used a retire SU set: Pharse Starters II Retired as well... Sorry I used so many things that are retired but, I have a lot of Retired SU sets and the best thing about blogging is that I have a purpose to pull some out and use them ....
Stampin Rocks

Monday, March 17, 2008

Promise that this will be my last "In The Spotlight"

Well guess what, I came home and I had to make a card and post my lattes ... It is Monday and I wanted to get some stampin in before my kids get home ... So who cares that the floor didn't get mopped or my dishwasher has to go on or laundry has to get washed ... I just wanted to get a few moments in for myself ...I am going to use this set one more time, it is my favorite set at the moment .. I went with something simple today... not to much to make this card...
Card Recipe
SU CS: Rose Red, So Saffron, Handsome Hunter
SU set: In The Spotlight
SU Paper: Rose Red, So Saffron
Stampin Rocks

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Good Egg

I choose to do the sketch challenge from ... I have finished it today ... My camera is giving me a hard time with taking a good picture, so sorry for the poor outcome of my card picture ... But I used ...
SU Set: A Goog Egg
SU CS:Pink Passion, Tempting Turquoise
SU stamp pads: Tempting Turquoise, Pink Passion, Craft White
Stampin Rocks

Blog Candy

1000 Hits
I can't believe that I almost have 1000 hits that is so great...As promised I said I was going to give away blog candy... If you make my Hit Counter turn 1000 then please leave me a comment so you can claim your give away prize ... Thank you for visiting my Blog... good luck to the 1000th Hitter!

Blog Candy Winner!!!

Lisa ... was my 1000th hitter on my blog she is the winner Lisa if you email me your address I will send your blog candy winnings ... Congrats!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well it is Saturday, so far I have had a wonderful relaxing day, I finished some stamping that I needed to get done, very glad that I had this chance to get it done... And then I had some more time ... WoHo... To get some more stampin in...
So I made the cards that are posted below... and the one on top...
I love bold brights SU CS, It is just so Bold and Bright...
Well I know I shouldn't be posting this the top card yet, but I made the last 2 Monday mailers for Nancy Carr from (NC demo groups) and I forgot to take pictures of the cards before I sent the cards to her... So I didn't get a chance to post my first 2 MM...
Well this is what I came up with for the MM #3...
I hope she likes it... I know my kids did...
Card Recipe
SU Set: Unfrogettable
CS: Real Red, Gable Green
Stamp Pads: Real Red, Gable Green
Stampin Rocks


In the Spotlight

I just love this set ... I like it so much because you can but stamp with it and use it a lot of different ways ...
Card Recipe
SU set: : In the Spotlight
CS: White
Stamp Pads: Real Red, Gable Green..
Stampin Rocks

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Synesthesia Challenge


I don't know if 70% is suppose to be good or not???
You try it and see what happens, it's just a few questions.
Answer all the question and you get your results at the end.
Leave me a comment with your link.. thank you for visiting

Stampin Rocks


Thursday, March 13, 2008



I got this list of question's from . IF you decide to answer these questions answer them on your BLOG and then please post comment on my blog with a link to yours, so I can visit and learn more about you!

1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say?
I would have to say, 99% chance of pregnancy thats a whole bunch of @#$%^!!! (I had a my tubes tied when I had my thrid child 2002)

2. When was the last time you flew in a plane?
When I went to live down South to Altanta from up North Bklyn, NY, when I was 6yrs old year 1979

3.What did the last text message you sent say?
My last text message said (Hun stop txt from the bathrm do what u hv 2 do)

4. What features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
I find attractive of the opposite sex.. that he is sensitive and in tune with a me...

5. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future?
Go to Nursing school

6. Shoe size?
3 1/2 kids ... small foot.

7.Been to Mexico?

8. When is the last time you had a massage?

9. What was the last TV show you watched?
Top Chef

10. What are your plans for the weekend?
Don't have plans ... I have children I go by the day..
11. If your significant other asked you to marry them TODAY what would you say?
We are married already ... I told you I won't marry again ... once is enough!!! now go away..

12. What is in the back seat of your car right now?
Nothing it is clean for a change.

13. What were you doing at 8 am this morning?
Taking my kids to the Dentist...

14. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be?
I love my Hun! and I know I can't even imagine my life without him (just in case he is reading my blog don't tell him shhhh...) Bill Bellamy .. I loved him in how to be a player... and he is also funny too...

15. Have you ever been to a strip club?

16. What is the best ice cream flavor?

17. What is the last sporting event you watched?
None don't like sports....

18. Ever go camping?
NO! and don't want to..

19. Last phone call?
My friend Melinda she called to tell me her daughter posted a card on her blog that she made herself..

20. Are you allergic to anything? Penicillin, and asprin and sometimes my husband and kids (just kidding)

21. What is one thing you have learned about life recently?
That is hard when your kids start growing up.

22. What do you do at work?
I am a teacher, short order cook, maid, cleaners, nurse, and a turtor Oh yeah and a taxi cab.. I am a woman of many professions..

23. What is your mom's name?
Self fish

24. Ever cried for no reason?
Yes all the time! I am married with children... !!!

25. Can you do the Crank Dat dance?
Don't know it can do it.

26. What is your favorite color to wear?
Black makes me look skinny

27. What is the longest plane ride you have ever been on?
When we went to Vegas from NC

28. What is the longest road trip you have ever taken?
First time I went to NC from NY to visit my mother-in-law.. for the first time in 2002

29. What are your turn-offs?
smokers, liars and drinkers

30. What was your last alcoholic beverage?

31. What are you craving right now?
Sleep - Cold medicine

Thinking of ...... Making Scarpbook Pages... But........

This is a Picture of my Daughter Leah that I am thinking of scrapbooking

I Just have to take the first step, of scarpbooking my (own pics).... Wow I don't know if i well be up for the challenge...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pick a Petal

I am just starting to like this set, I had this set for a while... And really never used it until now .. I am glad that I did take it out I got to see the possibilities with this SU Set.. Thank you for visiting.
Stampin Rocks

Polka Dots & Petals

Hey! Everyone I said I was going to post a card today and here it is...
Well let me tell you about what I used for CS ... Chocolate Chip, Pretty in Pink and Wild Wasabi...
I think they went really goo together I love it!
I used the coordinating Stamp Pads and Craft White
And for the Stamp Set Polka Dots & Petals
I have something else I am working on ... I don't know if I will get it done today if not posted it will be up tomorrow...
Stampin Rocks

Thank You

Thank you! Everyone that comes and visits my blog... I can't believe I already have 500 hits... It couldn't happen with out you guys visiting...
And thank you for all your comments... Just remember when I Hit my 1000 Hits I am going to have my first blog candy...
I am really excited when I first started to build my blog I was thinking ... how in the world was I going to get everyone to visit and get known...
Well I joined some Yahoo groups that are stampin related and I visited other blogs that are stampin related and left comments to all those wonderful creations... that everyone has posted on there blogs...
There are a lot of talented stampers out there...
And I have even asked advice to some fellow bloggers and they were very helpful ... Thank you all... For visiting my blog and giving me helpful information...
Well I have to go ... didn't notice the time, it is 7:59 and my kids are looking at me like mommy we have school... And that I want to do (take them to school) so I can come home and clean and try to get some stampin in before the kids come home school ...
Bye for now...
Oh Yeah! I am going to do my best to post something today I think I am getting the hang of this posting everyday ... I just need to discipline myself...

Stampin Rocks


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bunny Hugs

Well I just can't believe that I was able to steal some time out and blog today ... In the morning I was very interested in trying something new. I love to check other blogs for ideas and one of my favorite blogs is : visit this blog it is wonderful and creative... Well I tried her sketch for today. And this is what i came up with ... Hope everyone likes it

Card Recipe:

CS: Wild Wasabi, Handsome Hunter, Certainly Celery
SU Set: Bunny Hugs
SU pad: Wild Wasabi, Handsome Hunter, Certainly Celery

Stampin Rocks


Saturday, March 8, 2008

In the Spotlight

Well it seems like this week I had no time for myself...Because it was Dr. Seuss B-day and my kids school was celebrating it all week I was excited to participate going to school everyday to read... As well they were having a door contest, the best door decorated with something that has to do with one of the books of Dr. Seuss wins a Pizza party for there class... Well my sons class didn't win .... But that was okay because we all had fun working together and learning about Dr. Seuss. They are only in kindergarden and they worked hard and learned a lot....
I really gave a lot of my time to there teachers and of course the teachers and the students love it... Oh and how can I forget my baby Brett Loves that mommy comes and helps too...
Enough about that lets back to business...Again sorry I haven't posted this week but hopefully this week will be better... I have been working really hard to come up with something... I had a Monday mailer to do first and I came up with something can't post yet....I have to wait to post the card until my Monday mailer receives it first ...
Then I started making make card for my posting and this is what I came up with... Again I came out of my comfort zone and I used Rich Regal colors I am really starting to like certain colors... I love dark colors... Here is Card Recipe...

Paper: Night of Navy, Rose Red, White
Stamp pads: Night of Navy, Rose Red, Craft White
Stamp sets: Hostess (retired) In the Spotlight, Background Print Pattern

Stampin Rocks


Monday, March 3, 2008

Nursery Necessities

Well here is my post for today, It is a bit late, but today I have had a busy day ... For the first time living here in NC I actually entered to Charlotte in a new territory with out my husband... Usually he takes me everywhere and teaches me how to get there... Let me explain why???? Well I am from NY and I have never driven a car or had a license to drive, so when I moved to NC, I had to learn to drive and the tricky part of learning to drive was paying attention to traffic and finding your way around too, all at the same time while your driving ?????? In NY, I just walked to the bus or train and took it to my destination. Peace a cake, hey you can eat a cake while getting to where you need to get... Can't do that while driving...Well I went into Mathews from Concord and I made it there, then when I got there, I found out I had to do it all over again going home :((( .... But I made it home too... :))) Yeah !!! Well Back to Stampin Talk.. I have been on a kick for baby cards don't know why... But this is what I came up with this SU set...


Nursery Necessities

Paper: Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink, and Bashful Blue

I hope you Enjoyed my post ...

Please leave a comment... Remember when I have reached my 100th post I am going to give away a blog candy...

Stampin Rocks


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Polka Dots & Paisley

Can you believe it is 3rd month of the year. How time just flies, well it has been a long weekend sometimes I wonder why I make life so hard for myself... Well I am not going to sit here and ramble on so lets get to stampin business... So I haven't posted in a while ... Today I made myself sit down and come up with a card.. I had never purchased any of the Rich Regals paper and stamps sets... Then some time in Nov. I purchase a pack of assortment of Rich Regals and the stampin spots and haven't tried them until today... I used the Rose Red and Regal Rose... I see these colors used a lot and I think they look great together... Now for the stamp set I used the Polka Dots & Paisley and Polka Dots & Petals ... I used dots to give the card some 3-d look to it... I hope you like my Card... Post a comment if you like my card... When I get to my 100th comment I am going to give away a blog candy... I am going to try to post everyday something new I hope you enjoy my posting thank you for viewing ... Don't forget to leave a comment....