Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One more before my tutorial

I just had to make one more of the index holders.... I used the same colors that I used yesterday for the thank you card, with the DSP from SU.... I really like the lavender lace and the certainly celery together... It looks great, this time I put 2 eyelets to pass the Ribbon through so it can wrap around the front, that is how they made the one I got from target... It is suppose to be elastic but I still can't find one that I like I am still looking just haven't found time to go to the store... class this evening again...

The one on the top is the back of mines and the bottom picture is the one from target...the one from target as you can see has an elastic I put a ribbon with the eyelets... thank you for taking a look... till tomorrow... Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank you

Well this is not the card that I wanted to make today, but I just didn't want to post nothing for today.... I thought I was going to have a day for myself but I forgot that I had an App. today... So I had limit time to make a card...This what I came up with I used Lavender Lace and a retired DS paper from SU... for the stamp set, Office Accoutrement..I see you later

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pink Cat Studio

Hi! Everyone, sorry again, that I haven't posted in a while... on the weekend, my DH, kids and I went to a Spring Fling for a school fundraiser... The kids had a ball... I and I forgot camera at home how dum of me??? and then my daughter had company all weekend so had to have fun with the girls and my little boy is a handful lately... I will still do the tutorial on the index card holder I am still working on it almost finished with it...
But I have to tell you something, cheated a little on Stampin' Up... I brought a stamp set from Pink Cat Studio I just love this set and it is all
Lauren Meader's doing, she made to many cards with this set that I feel in love with it.... So I just had to buy it... But don't worry I still love SU... sometimes we can try something different there is nothing wrong with that...
Well here is the set... It is called Dress Up is to cute....Let me tell you a little about this stamp set it is made of grey rubber not cut out yet... you can glue on ur own blocks or just use acrylic with it... See you later I hope I have class today and my kids came in and now I have HW with kids and I have to cook dinner before I go to school...

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Index card holder

Well sorry everyone that I haven't posted anything in a while but I just have so busy on Wed. my friend Melinda came over and we tried to make this Index card Holder... that holds index cards and then the covers slide a round on the front and back... How did I came up with this idea I went to Target one day and I wanted some index cards to help me study and I came across a index holder the index cards are held by a scrapbook screw...Here is the sample of the one from target... and this one is the one I made... I am going to post a tutorial later.... I have to go and do some errands really don't have time to keep typing... But hopefully I can have that tutorial up tonight... See you then...Thank you for visiting
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Posting,Sorry

Sorry that I haven't had a chance to Post ... I been a alot busy, Monday I needed to go food shopping and then I had to go home and clean after that it was time for HW with kids, then dinner and last but not least I had to go to class... Class is going is very interesting
Everybody that I tell that I am going to EMT training they say that it is a stressful job... and then they processed to tell me why I choose to do that... I hate that because sometimes it discourages me... But I am sticking to it.... We just learned how to open an airway and what we need to do it with a type of situation when someone has a pulse but is not breathing... and we learned how to take blood pressure... that was my first time learning how to take a BP so it was exciting, it is exciting to learn everything we have been doing.... Now for the last two days , I had to just study because we cover so much in a very fast and short time, we only meet two times a week and for 4hrs... Oh yeah, and yesterday my house was messy and I had to do a very fast cleaning my friend was coming over to stamp with me and it went very fast because and we didn't get a chance to finish our project, by time I knew it I had to go and pick up my kids they all three had dental appointments... and then I had to rush home to do HW with the kids and get ready to go to class .... So hopefully today I get to sit down and play with my stamps lets keep our fingers crossed... Hopefully I get to post later!!!! I have to go and get my kids ready for school this morning...thank you for stopping by...
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Black and White

Hi all! ... Well I can't believe I am posting early I wanted to get an early start today... Here is a card that I made with Polka Dots and Paisley... I really just love this set... I used Black and White CS and I used Tempting turquoise for the flower and the saying... I am cutting short and sweet for right know...

Can you believe I did this post this morning and I was uploading and the blogger would give me an error page... I tired several times and nothing I couldn't upload the pictures from my computer to the blogger ... it just kept doing the same thing over and over again... I was so mad I thought I was ahead of my posting for the first time in while ... and now I am posting late in the evening... Oh! well what can I do anything... my hands are tied down by the trouble the Internet servers have ... I have to learn to have some patients... Well any way I hope you guys enjoy my card.. till tomorrow...
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Friday, April 18, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

Wow! I finally finished the pages for tonight... I hope they are not to complicated for tonight...
The first page is my oldest when he was about 9 months old ...
I can't type to much I have to get ready to leave I have one more errand for today I will post tomorrow and tell you how it went... thank you for taking a Peek...

My second Scrapbook Page....
This is the second page that we are going to do tonight as well... The pictures were the ones I said I was going to scrapbook earlier in the month of March ... so I took advantage that I was having a workshop for scarpbooking and finally did it... chat with you later....

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Scrapbook Page

Hi all!!! Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, but I had to study we are covering CPR now... I can't believe how much they cover in such little time... So that means when I am not in class I have to study at home so, I can be ahead of the game... Class is going well for does that know and read my blog... thank you to all that visit.
So back to what I was talking about ... I was telling you about class and how it's going I should tell you one thing that I didn't know that EMT's work 12 hour shifts.... I guess I was the only one on earth that didn't know...After I found out from my instructor how the shifts work out... I was in shock... and when I came home and told my family and friends they said, "everyone knows that"... and they just all laugh at me :( .... Well enough about class... I actually have a workshop tomorrow Woo Hoo!!! I haven't done one in a while ... But the hostess doesn't want to do cards ... I almost started crying when she said that... She just wants simple scrapbook pages... Then I said to my self I am in trouble, because I really don't scrapbook... I just started to do it so I am not to good at it... Well she wanted a baby boy and baby girl, pages ... This is the baby girl of course the little girl in picture is my daughter when she was only 17 months old... She used to chew everything this is a wooden slide she had in her room in NY... and I caught her looking at the handle then chewing and then she found out that I caught her chewing away and she yelled with the innocent look ... I just love the progression of the pictures I took ... Well one thing I have to say about doing a scrapbooking workshop, I get to scrapbook some of the pictures that I have put away in a box... Tomorrow I will post the scrapbook page I made for my oldest when he was about 9 months old he was a cutie.. and my first... Well see you all tomorrow... Oh yeah I forgot to tell you what I used to make my scrapbook page... Here is the Recipe
I used pretty in pink, certainly celery, and barely banana, SU CS then for the stamp set I used Pick a Petal.... and some more bling on the flowers... Enjoy ... and Thank you for stopping by...

Stampin Rocks Ileana

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Itty Birthday

Hello to to all! ... I had a few minutes to stamp today I wanted to make a birthday card and I had purchased the Itty birthday in January and had not used it yet so I took it out to see what I can come up with... and this is what I came up with ... I used wild wasabi, pretty in pink and lavender lace SU CS ... then I stamp the images and then I stamped the images again and cut them out a I used 3-d dots to give dimension... I used again my crayon colored pencils that I just absolutely love to use... But can't stay long I have to take a test tomorrow so I have to go and study :( ... I will post tomorrow but I can't work on anything to hard but I promise I will post see everyone tomorrow and thanks for stampin by....

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Simply Simple

I made this card very simple ... My reason for making it simple, it's for a family member that is turning 60 and she is very elegant to me the card is some what elegant to match her...I used the Three for you punch box from SU... and for the saying I used "too much of a good thing is a good thing" from Time well Spent... and in the inside I stamped "Happy Birthday"... I stamped out the flowers with the punch and I stuck a piece of basic grey CS to cover the punched flowers in the inside of the card... then I punched out the flowers for the outside with black CS... and glued some dew drops in the middle of the black flowers... glue the black flowers some what in the middle of the punched flowers to give it character and added the ribbon to the card... The ribbon I got yesterday at Big lots for a dollar for 5yrds... and I liked the colors too, so that was a plus...
I am fighting with my self thinking if I really like the card or not... I think the reason I am not liking it to much, because I used to simple colors black and white... I feel I could have added more ... but who said more is better... not always...... But my hubby thinks it is nice ... that is the word he used "nice" ... so that makes me think twice about my card :( .... well maybe I will be back tomorrow trying to come up with something else, I have till the end of the week before mailing it out to her... so lets see what happens... till tomorrow... I have to take out some time to study :(
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Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am on a roll, I did Beate's challenge this weekend .... Now I actually have a chance to try another weekend challenge and I have chosen Jen del Muro SFYTT ... I looked at her challenge and I just starting imagining what I was going to do ....I had already knew which stamp set I wanted to use ... I used SU Hostess ...Time Well Spent... For my CS I used SU Pretty in Pink and Lavender Lace... I started out stampin the butterflies on the white CS and colored and the I stamped the butterfly again and colored..Oh yeah I colored with crayon pencils... I like to use Stampin up pure color pencils and I use Ergo soft color pencils I just love my color pencils... After coloring I cut out the butterflies and curved the wings and glued the middle only on top of the butterflies on the white CS... to give a 3-d look... I used the saying in the same set...and I used some Bling on the saying ... sorry my picture is poor I don't know my camera has a mind of it's own sometimes... Who knows ???

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Friday, April 11, 2008

WSC43 Beates Weekend Challenge

Guess what everyone I got to post again today... Yah! I ventured out and I tired Beate's Weekend Challenge... Here is what I came up with I used Basic grey and Certainly Celery SU CS... The stamp set I used is Big pieces from SU... Again this is a new set that I never used...
I have been doing a lot of that using sets that I have brought in the past and just never used them ... I think this is why i love blogging because it gives me a purpose to use my sets and to share my work... I stamped the flower with certainly celery and then I cut it out and I curved up the petals to give it some dimension then I put some BLING to it that I brought from Michael's...They kinda match the certainly celery .... for my saying I used Holidays and Wishes SU stamp set... I used the solid circle from Big Pieces and then I stamped the saying on the top...
and again I couldn't resist to put so more BLING to it... Enjoy!

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Water Bottles

Well ladies I made this last night, I made these water bottles for the teachers for the Fun Run today...They just loved it... I made them with Green glore and Pixie Pink paper... and I used the Unfrogettable and for the saying I used Treat yourself... The saying says....Treat yourself to a wonderful day! This is it for now short and sweet...Stampin Rocks

Thursday, April 10, 2008

All Wrapped Up

I have been all wrapped up I don't know were the week has gone... I been trying to get adjusted to going back to school and getting the hang of studying so that means I have to use my brain a lot more... And that calls for work... I haven't posted since the weekend so sorry ... but have been busy....
About the youngest son Brett ... Asst. teacher in his class is having a B-day next week so I wanted to make her card early just in case I don't get a chance during the week to get it done.... I have to make this post short but sweet... I used the stamp set All wrapped UP retired from SU... this is my first time using this set since I brought it... I wanted to do a flower card and I was looking thru my sets and I came across the flower on this set and I just love it.... My colors are Brocade Blue and Purely Pomegranate... and the leaves are from time well spent.... I have to go I will post tonight again my son is bugging me to go to the park to fly a kite....see yah later....Enjoy the card...Stampin Rocks

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bugs and Kisses

Well everyone I had a kinda busy day today, and when I say busy ... with the kids it seem they wanted everything under and over the sun.... since the time they woke up.... Every time I sat down someone wanted something or needed something... Then my husband had to go to work for while... but when he came home I told him to take his daughter to go and see Mims Island... I think I spelled it correct....Mims Island.. she had been bugging all week to take her to see it...
And when they left it was just me and the boys... they get along better when Leah is not home... but they still bugged me every moment .... I want a sandwich or ice cream or etc, etc, etc and etc.....
Sometimes I wish I had a Cook, Maid, and a Nurse... Oh yeah and a driver to drive everyone everywhere.... Ahhh ... I can dream...
Well enough lets take about my card I copied this one from the Stampin' Up Catty... I changed just a bit... I put a little spin to it... not to much used the same colors but I designed it a bit different... Hope you guys like it....
Card Recipe:
SU CS: Bashful blue, Brilliant Blue, Only orange, Gable green
I used 3-d dot to pop out the dots and the bottom and the top and the saying, and the worm...
Hope you guys like it...
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Friday, April 4, 2008

MM #5

Hey, Everyone Sorry I haven't posted in a few days ... But after making that Altered lunch box I was stamped out... and I am still trying to get use to the fact that I am going to school at my age... I decided after my youngest started school it is time for mommy to move her but into gear... So I made the decision to go to get certified as an EMT... Now you might be asking why an EMT? ... I love the adrenaline of helping people in need and I just like to feel needed... Well Enough about that...
Here is my posting for today I made this card again my last one for Nancy my MM... This is my last card for March... I really liked making these cards each week and sending them out... Anyway I hope to join this months Monday Mailer too... Aprils MM is using DS SU Paper that is current with an accessory...
This card I made with chocolate chip As you see I love chocolate chip... and i used Wild Wasabi... and for the stamp set I used.. Forever in my Heart... I stamped the three hearts across then I stamp three more on a separate paper and cut out the hearts and used 3-d dots to mount on top to give some dimension... I is nice and simple... I hope Nancy likes it.My Monday Mailer
Well everyone this is my MM Sandra sent me this ... I just love that Lion she used the twin around the lions head to make the fur around the head and it is a flip card... Thank you Sandra just love it... I am going to miss your cards...